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hunter and horseman

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The Old Car

Just more light reading, nothing serious, to a car guy maybe a memory or two.
"Al, hey, look at what I bought." Standing proudly by my recent purchase. Al standing in his driveway gives a weary eye to my new car, well, at least in concept it’s new, I just bought it and it’s new to me. "Yea, I see it, that’s the reason I’m out here I heard it coming from a block away." "What is it anyway?" "It’s a car Al, a nineteen fifty one Chevy," I give him a look like he just arrived on the planet. Al starts across his yard towards me and my proud purchase as I use the sleeve of my shirt to symbolically polish the fender, this action only in vain considering the overall condition of the body. "Boy Brian, you’re lucky they let you into the neighborhood in that thing." Al giving me, then the car a rather disgusted look. "What exactly prompted you to go out and buy this thing?" Walking around the car Al cautiously rubs his hand over the body and looks at it as if some plague had descended upon the earth. "You’re parking this in your garage right Brian, I mean you’re not going to leave it sit in the driveway, right?" Considering the six figure homes we live in and the manicured lawns it’s probably the best thing to do, I think to myself, no since in getting drummed out of the neighborhood. "Yes Al, it’ll be housed in the garage." I let out a little laugh and look around at the houses within view.

As Al made a complete inspection tour of my car he walks up to me and asks, "Is this one of those mid-life crisis moments you’re going through?" Leaning against the car with Al standing next to me I look him in the eye raise my eyebrows and smile, "want to go for a ride, I’ll even let you drive if you want?" Al looks at me like I just told him his best friend was mowed down by a train, holds up his hands in a defensive mode and say’s "remember I have to live in this neighborhood also, it’s bad enough that I have to live next door to you now." "Seriously Brian, what are you going to do with this thing, where did you find it?" "Easy Al, all in good time, c’mon time for a test drive, get in and we’ll take a spin around the block and I will have you right back, Sylvia will never know you’re gone," Sylvia being Al’s wife and somewhat controlling, to put it mildly. Al, still standing next to the car, cautiously not getting to close for fear of some contagion, arms crossed over his chest looking down at the ground turns his stare towards his house, "I don’t know Brian, maybe,,,,, Sylvia’s not home anyway I guess it’ll be okay." "C’mon Al, live on the wild side, lets go." "Al looks at me and laughs, "I do live on the wild side, I live next door to you, that’s wild enough for this neighborhood." "Get in, it’ll be great, like reliving the past." I look at Al as he opens the car door and slides in with a look on his face like he’s exploring some unknown cave.

"I’m glad I didn’t wear anything good," as Al examines the car interior. "Oh it’s not that bad." I smile at Al. "What is that smell, Brian?" Al looks at me with a wrinkled face. "Al that is the smell of old car, believe me, my old man never owned a new car, I grew up on these smells, the good ole days." I answered with fond memories. "Ever hear of child abuse Brian, being forced to ride in one of these things while growing up, old car smell and wet dog smell about the same." How do you roll the window down, I don’t see a button to push?" "You see that handle, turn it, the window will go down." I look at Al like he lost his mind. "You got to be kidding, manual labor to get the window down, and you call that the good old days."

I smile at Al as I turn the key and push the button on the dash to start the engine, a loud grinding and then a loud explosion as the engine jumps to life followed by a loud roar. Immediately Al covers his ears and tucks his head toward his lap. "Yea, I better get the exhaust system fixed." I say offhandedly while backing out of the driveway. Al still tucked in his position turns his head and asks "are there any of our neighbors out I hope no one sees me." Roaring up the street and making a turn at the intersection I look at Al, "it’s safe buddy, you can come up now, were out of the neighborhood." Al slowly raises his head and removes his hands from his ears and looks around, "okay, where are we going?" "Just around the block, I just want you to get a taste of the good old days, boy, times were good."

"Brian, there is nothing about good old days here, this is not reliving the past this is some kind of heinous torture, I can’t believe people actually drove something like this let alone own one." As we roar up the street a small cloud of blue smoke following us, memories come flooding back to me. "Al," I hesitate for a moment, "you been driving that BMW to long, the easy life." Al gives me a long strange look as if I told him that the world was going to end tomorrow. Coming to an intersection I let off the accelerator and the engine back fires and I notice Al coming clear off the seat. "Is it supposed to do that?" Al asks with a concerned look on his face. I get the car around the corner with some effort Al taking notice and shaking his head in a non complimentary manner. I look at Al and smile, "better take a dive Al, we’re almost back to our neighborhood," "to late now Brian I’m sure I’ve been spotted, I’m now a marked man." With a grim look Al stares forlornly out the windshield as we drive down the street toward our homes.

Pulling into the driveway I shut off the car and Al is once again shaken by a backfire and notice’s a large plume of blue smoke drifting up from somewhere under the car. Al, no worse for the experience, reaches for the door handle, pulls and gets no response. "Now what?" Al looks at me. "Throw your shoulder into it, it’s probably stuck, that’s the way these old cars are, you know." Al looks at the door as if being challenged by an unknown force and nudges it somewhat cautiously, the door opens and he looks skyward as if thanking God for saving him from a fate worse then death. I push open my door in the same manner as Al with the exception of very little effort shown. Al notice’s my ease at getting out of the car, "looks like you been doing that all your life Brian, you make it look so easy." "My old man’s car, the same thing, it’s like riding a bicycle you never forget how." "Brian, you and I, cut from a different cloth, I will stay with my BMW and now I’ll appreciate it even more, no backfire no blue smoke, door’s that open." "Oh, by the way Brian, you never did answer my questions, where did you find this thing, abandon along the road somewhere?" "Actually, I bought it." "You’re kidding, you paid money for this thing, Lydia will have a fit." Al referring to my wife. "You know my wife Al, she’ll grumble then she will settle down, it always ends in my favor."

"Will Brian, I’m waiting, you said you paid money for this, and I want to know where you got it from so I can avoid that neighborhood." "Al, no big deal, I was driving home from work the other day and seen it parked along street.

It was just like the one my old man had when I was growing up and it was flash back time, a for sale sign taped to the windshield and right then I knew it was mine." Al, now a little more comfortable with the car leans against it haphazardly. "Well Brian, since you got money in this thing what are you going to do with it, like fix it up, a paint job, body work and possibly doing something with the engine, you know, the noise thing."
"Al," I look at him and let out a little laugh, "sure thing buddy, I’ll do some of the work myself," Al gets a worried look on his face. "Don’t worry buddy it’ll be done in the garage behind a closed door, no one will ever know." Al’s worried look is replaced by a sigh of relief and a smile. "Hey Brian, no time like the present with the garage and getting this thing out of sight, let me help you." "That’s okay Al I don’t really need any help I’ll drive it in later, it’s getting dark anyway, the neighbors will never notice it." "Brian I just can’t believe Lydia will allow you to park this thing in the garage with your new car." "Like I said Al she’ll grumble but I will win out."

"Hello dear, a new toy?" "Hi Lydia." Al greets my wife. I answer, "yea it’s one like the my dad had when I was growing up, I seen it parked on the other side of town with a for sale sign on it and just had to have it." Lydia takes a long serious look at the car and then at Al and asks, "well what do you think of it Al?" Al holds his hands up in defense, "please don’t get me involved, I want nothing to do with this, I’ve even encouraged him to keep it in the garage out of sight, you know." Lydia starts laughing, "I was thinking back on the other side of town." "Seriously dear, what are you going to do with it, I mean it’s a wreck?" Lydia looks at me skeptically. I smile proudly, "I’m going to fix it up, make it look like it just came off the showroom floor." Lydia looks at me like I’m delusional. "I’ll believe it when I see it, right Al." Al holds up his hands again and pleads innocence, "don’t get me involved, please." "Brian, don’t stay out to late supper is almost ready, you boy’s can play with the car tomorrow it’s getting late, Al is going to have to go home so you can come in and eat." Lydia looks at us both and start laughing. "I’ve got to get going anyway Brian, it’s been fun," Al looking at the car, "Brian, remember, the car, the garage," as Al walks across the lawn toward his house. I follow up behind Lydia toward the front door, as I walk I cast a look back at the car and once again the memories come flowing out. Yea, I think to myself, the good old days.

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Protein is the building block of all life and is essential for the growth of cells and tissue repair.

All proteins are made up of different combinations of 20 compounds called amino acids.

Depending on which amino acids link together, protein molecules form enzymes, hormones, muscles, organs and many other tissues in the body.

There are two types of amino acids:

  • non-essential amino acids can be made by the body.
  • essential amino acids cannot be made by the body and must be got from food. There are nine essential amino acids.

Types of protein

Animal protein

Animal proteins contain all the essential amino acids. This type of protein is found in:

  • meat
  • poultry
  • fish
  • eggs
  • dairy products.

Oily fish (salmon, sardines, trout, tuna) is a good source of protein. It has the added advantage of being high in types of fatty acid that provide protection against heart attack and to some extent stroke.

Oily fish contain up to eight times as much omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as lean fish (cod, haddock, skate).

Plant protein

Plant protein contains many amino acids, but no single source contains all of the essential amino acids. This type of protein is found in:

  • legumes (peas, green beans)
  • cereals
  • beans
  • pulses
  • grains
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • soya products
  • vegetable protein foods such as Quorn or veggie mince.

You need to combine different plant proteins to make up the complete range of amino acids needed by your body. In practice this is achieved without any special effort, for example by eating baked beans with bread (toast) or using milk on cereal.

Plant versus animal proteins

In terms of healthy eating, you should aim to eat a diet with a higher proportion of plant proteins than animal ones.

Processed foods

Sausages and burgers may be the obvious culprits, but so are smoked foods which are also high in salt.

Try to keep foods such as smoked bacon and salmon to occasional treats.

  • Many animal proteins are high in saturated fat or cooked with a lot of fat (oil, lard, dripping).
  • Studies have linked eating a lot of red and processed meat to an increased risk of bowel and stomach cancer.
  • Cooking meat, poultry and fish at high temperatures creates chemicals called heterocyclic amines (HAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). It's thought HAs and PAHs may increase our risk of cancer, but more research is needed. PAHs are also found in the exhaust fumes and tobacco smoke.
  • Plant-based proteins are low in fat and high in fibre, vitamins and minerals.
  • Plant proteins contain phytochemicals that contribute towards health and disease prevention. For example, isoflavones found in soya beans have antioxidant properties, thought to be important in the prevention of cancer.

How much do I need?

Energy and protein

  • 1g carbohydrate: 3.75 calories.
  • 1g protein: 4 calories.
  • 1g fat: 9 calories.
  • 1g alcohol: 7 calories.

Current advice says protein only has to make up 10 to 15 per cent of your daily diet to meet your body's needs. That's around 55g for men and 45g for women.

Most of us eat more than this, and the British Nutrition Foundation puts the average adult intake at 88g for men and 64g for women.

  • Around two thirds of the protein we eat is from animal sources.
  • We get a quarter of our protein from cereal products (wheat, bread, oats).
  • Nuts and pulses make up most of the final twelfth.

How much protein do foods contain?

Below are some examples of foods, so you can compare protein content. You can also check nutrition labels to find out how much protein something contains.

  • One skinless chicken breast (130g): 41g protein.
  • One small fillet steak (200g): 52g protein.
  • One beef burger or pork sausage: 8g protein.
  • One portion of poached skinless cod fillet (150g): 32g protein.
  • Half a can of tuna: 19g protein.
  • One portion of cheese (50g): 12g protein.
  • One medium egg: 6g protein.
  • 150ml glass of milk: 5g protein.
  • One tablespoon of boiled red lentils (40g): 3g protein.
  • One portion of tofu (125g): 15g protein.
  • One slice medium wholemeal bread: 4g protein.
  • One slice medium white bread: 3g protein.

Tips for healthy living

  • Include oily fish in your diet at least twice a week.
  • Try using soya products such as veggie mince and tofu. They will take up the flavour of the dish if you add them to stews and sauces.
  • Snack on seeds and unsalted nuts. Try sunflower, pumpkin or sesame seeds and brazils, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds.
  • Look at using pulses as an alternative source of protein. They include chickpeas, a wide range of lentils, split peas and a vast range of beans from the black-eyed to the broad, butter and kidney.
  • Have one vegetarian meal each week.

You don't need to banish meat from your diet altogether.

  1. Use lean cuts of meat and poultry.
  2. Trim off any fat, eg the skin on chicken breasts and the rind on bacon.
  3. Choose smaller portions.
  4. Reduce the frequency of meat-based meals.
  5. Pay particular attention to how you cook meat.

Temperature is the most important factor in the production of heterocyclic amines (HAs).

  • Frying, chargrilling, and barbequing produce the largest amounts of HAs when the cooking temperature is increased from 200°C to 250°C.
  • Oven roasting and baking use lower temperatures, and so produce lower levels of HAs.
  • Stewing, boiling and poaching all use temperatures below 100°C and so produce very few HAs.
  • Avoid gravy made from dripping because it contains substantial amounts of HAs.
  • Microwaving meat for two minutes before cooking reduces the HA content by about 90 per cent.
  • Cooking meat for a long time (ie well done or very well done) produces more of these chemicals.
  • Protein from milk, eggs, tofu and organ meats such as liver have very little or no HA content, even when cooked.
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امروز ي جمله جالب از ي وبلاگ ديدم حيفم اومد كه اينجا نيارم . این جمله با کلمه ای یک حرفی آغاز میشه٬ کلمه دوم دو حرفیست٬‌ چهارم چهار حرفی ... تا بیستمین کلمه كه بیست حرفيه.

I do not know where family doctors acquired illegibly perplexing handwriting nevertheless, extraordinary pharmaceutical intellectuality counterbalancing indecipherably, transcendentalists intercommunications incomprehensibleness 

 ترجمه جمله : 

نمیدانم این دكترهای خانوادگی این دست خطهای گیج کننده را از کجا کسب میکنند. با این حال سواد پزشکی آنها غیر قابل کشف بودن این دست خط‌ ‌ها را جبران کرده و بر غیر قابل کشف بودن آنها (دستخط) برتری میجوید.

بى خبرى, خوش خبرى

No news is Best news


شتر ديدى, نديدى

You see nothing, you hear nothing


عجله كار شيطان است

Haste is from the Devil


کاچى به از هيچى

Something is better than nothing


گذشتها گذشته

Let bygones be bygones


مستى و راستى

There is truth in wine


نوکه اومدبه بازار كهنه شد دل آزار

Out with the old, in with the new


هر فرازى را نشيبى است

High places have their precipices


هرکه ترسید مرد, هركه نترسيد برد

Nothing venture, nothing have


همه کاره و هیچكاره

Jack of all trades and master of none


ارزان خرى, انبان خرى

Don't buy everything that is cheap


آشپز كه دوتا شد آش يا شور ميشه يا بينمك

Too many cooks spoil the broth


انگار آسمون به زمين افتاده

It is not as if the sky is falling


اندكى جمال به از بسيارى مال

Beauty opens locked doors


آدم عجول كار را دوباره ميكنه

Hasty work, Double work


آدم دانا به نشتر نزند مشت

A wise man avoids edged tools


آدم زنده زندگى مى‌خواد

Live and let live


آدم ترسو هزار بار مى‌ميره

Cowards die Many times Before Their Death


كس نخارد پشت من جز ناخن انگشت من

You want a thing done, do it yourself


آب رفته به جوى باز نمى گردد

What is done can not be undone


آب از سرش گذشته

It is all up with him


آب ريخته جمع شدنى نيست

Don't cry over the spilled milk


آب در كوزه و ما تشنه لبان ميگرديم

We seek water in the sea


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برای مشاهده ی متن کامل برین ادامه ی مطلب

ادامه مطلب

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سلام براتون سوالات قواعدی از زبان انگلیسی سال اول دبیرستان رو میذارم امیدورام خوشتون بیاد نظر یادتون نره

درضمن اگر نظر نذارین این شکلی میشم

ژس نظر فراموش نشه دوستون دارم بای فعلا

ادامه مطلب

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